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We deliver a wide range of high standard products such as laboratory equipment, chemicals and several consumables, from a group of market leader manufacturers.​

Mettler Toledo

- Laboratory Weighing: Analytical and precision balances, micro and ultra micro balances, moisture analyzers, mass comparators, weights and other accessories
- Pipettes and Tips: Single channel and multichannel RAININ pipettes,  manual and electronic pipettes, dispensers, AutoRep, BioClean tips and other accessories
- Analytical instruments: Titrators, pH-/ Cond-/ DO-/ ISE-meter, thermal analysis, density meters, refractometers, electrodes for laboratory and field, etc

Grabner Instruments

- Petroleum testing
- Fuel testing
- Vapor Pressure, flashpoint, distillation, viscosity, water content



- Fixed gas detectors
- Portable gas detectors
- Control panels
- Other complementary products like barriers and isolators, sounders and beacons, flame detectors, etc


- Particle size and shape analysis by laser diffraction
- Nanoparticles and molecular analysis
- Rheological analysis

Fistreem International

- Water purification
- Distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis

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